About Us

We offer the following Services for Traders:
- Alpha version of our Trading plattform:
Our platform is still under developement and we need a lot of Feedback. That's why we offer you that you can test and trade with our platform for free!
We would be happy if you would give us feedback via the contact form.

- Trading tutorial, How to learn trading (currently under construction):
At the same time, we write a whole tutorial, that shows you from the basics how to trade and earn money with trading. Including how to read and work with professional Level-2-Data.

We offer the following Services for Broker:
- Licensing of a trading platform:
Your company already own servers? You want an independent license to use for your company? Then we are your partner! We offer flexible licensing models, contact us to get more infos!

- Hosting of a trading platform:
You need a server and support? No problem! We can set up and host a server for your trading platform.

- Developement of features or data feeds:
We will develop new features specially for you! If you have an provider for your market data, we will implement it with it your customers will see the prices and get the quotes from that provider.